It is finished!

May 1, 2006

Well, the AP Exam is now a memory. I think I did well. The multiple-choice reading comprehension was more challenging than the practice ones I had done (If I mention anything specifically I could have my test cancelled, and you know collegeboard's eyes are everywhere!). The essays were also, well, yeah. I will comment on the actual content of those after 48 hours (Can't discuss it 'til then). I think I did well on one, and the other two I'm not so sure about. When I was writing the last one (which was the first one, I went in the order of 2, 3, and then 1) I got very weak. Don't know how to describe it. I just didn't feel well at all.

A funny thing happened after I finished the multiple choice section. We're supposed to seal the booklet with these three sticky papers they provide. I didn't do it the right way, though it still sealed. I decided to take off the sticky paper and try it again, but as it commonly happens, the tape ripped part of the page. I'm afraid that when they receive my multiple-choice booklet they'll think it was sealed and then opened, and then re-sealed. It was, but not so I could have more time or whatever, just so I could seal it correctly! Gah.
We eventually ordered chinese food and it took a long time to arrive, so we played ping pong and talked until it was time to eat. We went back to class with only about 10 minutes left 'til chemistry, so thankfully (maybe not thankfully, I'm not going to do well on that test tomorrow) we only had to be in there for a short while.

Band was also interesting today. When March started, everything for crazy for my band teacher and the band with a bunch of competitions and a lot of traveling. It's because of these activities that I really don't feel prepared for the concert on Friday. I just don't think our band sounds as good as it has before. I had this same feeling before Christmas concert. I think our best concert was definitely Christmas concert (2004).

I have a chemistry chapter review to do, but I'll try to do as much as I can in study hall and in other classes. I really can't wait for that class to be over. It has been a tremendous challenge all year, and I've slacked more than I should. I have my lowest grade in chemistry, actually.

Lately I've been feeling disappointed in myself for my shortcomings in school. As a Christian, I know all I do I should do for Christ, yet in school I don't do everything for his glory, and I don't really give 100%, especially in chemistry and in band. I find that is an area in which I am compromised, and it's hard to pull out of it and just do the work as I should. Christians shouldn't be known for laziness.


3 Responses to “It is finished!”

  1. Ron Says:


    I was totally the same way. I gave my everything to my Youth Group and just skated through high school (yes, 4s on AP tests and on honor roll, you know the drill). I would not worry too much about it. When it gets important academically, you will begin to really feel pulled to do your best. Some people just need to be at a higher academic level before they really shine.

  2. Barbara A. Telleria Says:

    Hm. I felt like a bit of a failure shortly after the A.P. exam, more specifically after trying to answer the “give your own insight” question. I have always done poorly in the multiple choice section, so I did not fret about it during the test. And as for the ripping of the paper: I am sure that you are not the first, and certainly will not be the last, to have done so. You do state a good point about them thinking that you might be trying to cheat, though. But, do not fret about it. I had trouble with the stickers myself. I mostly stuck them in the wrong areas.

    Well, I cannot voice my opinion about how the Spring Concert will be like unless I actually attend it myself. I think I have to disagree a bit, or maybe I have not made up my mind about it: I think Spring 2005 concert was all right. I did not attend it, however, I merely saw a tape of it.

    And as for your academic areas correlating your Christian walk: Buck up. Just try harder next time. I am having trouble with that myself, actually.

  3. Barbara A. Telleria Says:

    One more thing to add: do not worry about the A.P. exam AT ALL. Just remember to breathe when you receive your results via mail this summer!

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