May 3, 2006

I feel very crappy today. I got my chemistry test result back and it wasn't that hot. I have more chemistry homework tonight (what a surprise! -.-). I played in the chess tournament today and won my first round. I actually felt bad about winning. I didn't want the kid to feel bad. I'm too sensitive.

I guess another bad part of my sensitivity was how bad I felt after some kid told me "Roberto is a Christian from 8 to 3:10", or something like that. I can't imagine why he would say that. I've broken rules sometimes, and I try to change, but I don't know why he would think that. I asked him after if he meant it, and he wouldn't give me a straight answer. It was lame. Whatever.

I just want to play videogames and forget about everything for a while. Thankfully there is only one more full week of school left, and then finals.


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