I lost.

May 4, 2006

Well, today was the second round of the chess tournament, and to my surprise, I lost. I felt pretty crappy about it, and I still do, but I must remind myself it is just a game. I didn't want to participate in the other two rounds I have remaining (I don't care if I come in fourth, or fifth, or whatever, all that matters is getting first.). But my math teacher, the one hosting the tournament, asked me to play in the other rounds. If I don't, it won't be fun for the other players, he said. He has a point. I shouldn't be selfish. I just feel stupid for losing.

I've been drinking this thing called "true-mass" lately. It's this powder that I'm supposed to put in milk for weight gain and protein intake. It's this weird tasting chocolate and it sucks, really. I might try it with ice cream. The only problem is that I don't know if it will give me the same number of calories or vitamins and stuff in ice cream as it does in milk.

Tomorrow is the AP History exam. Let's see if fate deals kindly with me. I'm worried about the multiple choice, and the document based question, but I am worried the most about the free-response questions. I hope I get something on a time period I know at least a little about. I should've reviewd the colonial and revolutionary eras more. Oh well. I cared more about the AP English exam than I do about this one.

2 Responses to “I lost.”

  1. Ron Says:

    If it makes you feel any better, technically speaking I tied for my senior chess tourney. I was destroying the other guy, got smug, and accidently forced stalemate.

  2. Barbara A. Telleria Says:

    Ah, this takes me back to my middle school days when I was the only girl in the Chess club (consisting of six people). In sixth grade, there was a tournament in which I made it all the way to the last round. I was ridiculously creamed by a seventh grader. Within half an hour into the match, my pieces had been reduced to just the King. I suspect the match would have ended in a stalemate had I not opened my big mouth: I spent a minute or two trying to decide what my next move should be when the Chess club leader said ‘Barbara, there is only one other move that you can do.” “Yeah, but if I do that, he could do this!” OOPS. Either way, I lost. So. Badly.

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