“AP US History” stands for “Advancely Pwning us into history”

May 6, 2006

Man, the AP History exam was incredible. AP English was nothing compared to it. Or maybe I'm just better in English. Anyway, the multiple choice was a train wreck. =D It covered a lot we didn't cover in class. And then the writing section. Oh boy. I think I did well on the Document Based Question. My problem was that I didn't have a lot of my own knowledge to infuse into the writing, but I think I did a good job of treating the documents. Then the free response was horrendous. I think I will take the exam again next year, after reading all of my history textbook and practicing more. But maybe I'll get lazy next year. We'll see. I don't know how many history courses I'll have to take in a bible major anyway.

After that long exam (I finished last), I went to go eat with my girlfriend. We went to this sub place that I like. Then my mom took me to my trainer. He brought his scale this time, and I weighed myself and I've gained two pounds. I am now back at 130. I haven't weighed 130 since the first time I was hospitalized for Cystic Fibrosis reasons in May of last year. So yeah, almost a year to get back to 130. I'm pretty happy. This is a big blessing from God. Hopefully I'll keep gaining weight and muscle. *flexes*

The workout was pretty hard. I don't have very good form or technique when doing these leg moves. It was mostly leg, but we also did some triceps. He made me do this move called a "skullcrusher." I lie straight on the bench and hold the bar up as if I were going to do a bench press. But then I bring the bar back toward my forehead, and then extend it back up again. It's supposed to work the triceps, and it did. I'm sore today all over the place.

I then got home and decided to drink that nasty shake. I thought I could mix it in with ice cream and then pour tons of chocolate syrup on it so it would lose its flavor. Well, I had no syrup and it wouldn't mix. So I tried putting the ice cream in the blender, and adding some milk. I eventually drank it all. I think my tongue is getting used to the taste. And then my mom scolded me for not washing that new blender before using it. >.>….

My Spring Concert was tonight, and it went very well. It was a "pops" concert, I guess, on the band side, because we played a lot of flashy songs that were crowd-pleasers. But I just can't help feeling that we lose a lot of what we rehearse the moment we get out on stage. Our balance gets off, everyone wants his part to be heard (I'm not excluded from this), and we forget that we're trying to make a piece of music, not 40 pieces.

I guess this is true of the Christian life too. We lose a lot of what we "rehearse" in church or in our scripture reading when we get out into the real world and totally blow it before others. Afraid to live what we've learned, we fail miserably, or pretend that we're not even part of that band. Eh.


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