Today sucked.

May 8, 2006

It was a very lame day. I got scolded for something foolish I did last week, and I then watched more people from my grade and other grades get inducted into the National Honor Society. Because of my garbage freshman GPA, I haven't been able to work my way back to the necessary GPA for National Honor Society. It's fairly frustrating. Stupid freshman year.

But the fact is that I can't go back and change it. There are no 'reset' buttons in life. And no matter how much I wish I could go back and change things (much more than a GPA), I simply cannot. I am destined to live with the consequences of my foolish decisions.

Yeah, I felt crappy today.

Tomorrow is the good conduct trip. We're going to my favorite theme park. I'm hearing that I might be chosen to ride in a separate car since there isn't enough space for everyone on the bus. They chose me because I am a church member, I hear. Weird reason. I would probably just take a book (I'm reading 'Decision Making and the Will of God' by Garry Friesen now).

I am actuall thoroughly enjoying that book. In it the author argues against the traditional view that God has a "specific will" for your life (The dot in the center of the circle of life, if you will) which you must follow or miss out on God's best. This would be in areas of vocation, spouse, house. He does a great job of taking the view to its logical position and showing how inconsistent and silly it is. Not only does he deal with the logical and practical components of the issue, but he also deals with the Scripture used to back up a traditional reading and shows how it can't be supported.

I'll keep writing about the book more as I get deeper into it.

One Response to “Today sucked.”

  1. Andy Says:

    Sorry to hear your day is bad. 😦

    I’m glad you like the book. 🙂 That one was very influential for me. It’s a good conversation starter too.

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