You Are Not Walking in Love

May 15, 2006

Before I get to the point of the title of this post, I’d like to update a bit on what’s been going on lately. School’s been getting crazy these last days. I took the chemistry test and got a 31 (originally out of 42, now out of 32 with a huge curve). I also got the review sheet for the chemistry exam. Summing it up with the words of Gandalf the Grey, I told my teacher that, “You shall not pass!” was the only way of describing the impending exam. I only have to take three exams (well, the band one too, but I’m fairly sure I won’t do well on that scale audition). I was only *one* point away from being exempt for Algebra II. *rant* Gah. Oh well. It will have to be Bible Doctrines (totally easy), Algebra II, and then Chemistry.

I also went to the doctor today. He put me on another antibiotic, so hopefully that will help the bleeding. But dig this! Since the last time I visited (April 10) I gained *five* pounds. I am now 132 pounds.

Anyway, onto the point of this post. I finally finished reading Garry Friesen’s Decision Making and the Will of God. I must say it was completely fantastic. While I did not agree with every little bit (statements such as: “This life is preparing us for real life in Heaven”), I found his thesis biblical and logical in almost every point. He prevents the tradition-defying idea that God does not have an “individual will” for each person, but rather desires that in areas not governed by his moral will that we exercise wisdom in our decision making, instead of pursuing God’s revelation of his detailed plan for our lives.

But one of the real gems in this book was his discussion of freedom in Christ, and areas where Christians disagree. He lists a bunch of things that have divided Christians in these decades: smoking, dancing, guitars in church, movies, etc. He goes over Romans 14-15 and provides a very challenging chapter. I was perhaps most touched by the fact that Paul was willing to accomodate for others when their conscience was bothered. It made me realize that perhaps I have been too haughty in the new liberties in Christ I have taken (moving away from my stricter upbringing in school and church) and viewed those who hold to such views as kind of dumb or silly. I believe the ideas are silly, but I should realize that such things are for God to judge, not for me.

This especially relates not only in my areas of liberty, such as music, but also in my more “liberal” theological leanings. I mean my preterism, postmillenialism, and other non-essential views on which I tend to make a big deal. I need to get over this obsession with winning debates and showing off how smart I am, and start worrying about walking in love and caring more about my brothers and sisters in Christ, and putting them before me. If some think that my music is inappropriate, I am not going to tell them to listen to my Christian metal.

Lord, forgive me for my foolishness and help me to love your children more.


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