Surprised by God

May 16, 2006

Well, I am home. Surprising, no? I am equally surprised. I thought for sure I'd be stuck in there for a while, considering the past times I've had the same problems. But God surprised me. He hears the prayers of his people, and I'm extremely grateful to Him and to all of you who prayed for me today. I continue to need your prayers for these coming days. I wouldn't mind going back into the hospital, as long as it is after Friday (or even after Thursday). I just don't want to miss my girlfriend's graduation. Anyway, hopefully I won't need to go back in at all. The doctors gave me a steroid to take. I'll need to be checking my blood sugar more often now, since steroids in the past have made my sugars skyrocket. So right now I'm on an antibiotic that I take Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then the new antibiotic that my doctor prescribed for fourteen days (I started it this morning), and then the steroid. I will also begin my aerosol antibiotic tomorrow, so I hope that whatever ruckus that's going on in my body will have its party crashed by all these crazy treatments. 

This isn't all bad, though. I learned not to limit God, I suppose, and I also got to read a bunch of Jurassic Park. What a great book.


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