Two related acronyms: “SAT” and “LOL”

June 3, 2006

Well, I took the SAT this morning. The essay was whatever. The math section was not as difficult as I expected, and the english was as easy as I expected it to be. Well, maybe a tad bit harder. I am optimistic about my scores – let's see what happens. June 26th will put me with the sheep or goats!

I've recently been listening to a group called "ThouShaltNot." It appears from their latest album that they have unfortunately apostasized, but their earlier work is very enjoyable. Electronic music is addictive.

My few readers, be blessed!


4 Responses to “Two related acronyms: “SAT” and “LOL””

  1. Xavier Says:

    *shakes head*

    Hooray… “moody” music

  2. GhostontheNet Says:

    Yes, my diabolical plans to get you addicted to industrial and electronic music in general are going well. I like the songs Come a Time, Cardinal Directions, 100 Generations, and Inside of You In Spite of You myself. It’s a pity a lot of techno artists strictly to the 16 beat progressions and fail to mix things up – for this reason, industrial is very often better than techno.

  3. Barbara A. Telleria Says:

    O-Zone is, by far, the most addictive of pop-techno groups.

  4. Kyle Says:

    If you end up a goat, you should get a facial piercing.

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