I am in your lungs

June 7, 2006

I'll be posting some of my favorite ThouShaltNot songs on here occasionally. 

Inside of You, In Spite of You

I am in the air now
I am in your lungs
I am written
I am spoken by a million flaming tongues
I'm the lens through which you see
I'm the process
I am the key
I am synapses firing bullets from a gun
I'm the world's mystique
I am the words you speak
I am language
I am hidden memories that you seek
I am the sun before you see me rise
I burn still when you close your eyes
I am the soul that never dies when flesh is weak

I am inside of you in spite of you
With strength and sacred grace
But for all you do
I'll carry you now
From this bitter place

I am in your future
I am in your past
I'm the echo of your footsteps
I'm your shadow cast
I'm the heat you radiate
I am the fury and the fate
I am each beat within your heart from first to last
I'm your action without thought
I am the instinct born inside you
I'm the bones from which you drape
I am protective skin to hide you
I'm the pull that the earth exerts
I am the rain that stings and the snow that blinds
I'm the architecture of your world and mind

I am the dawn of ages
I am the days seen through
I'm final entropy
I am inside of you
I am the clouds that cover
Your way into the blue
I kiss with life to give
All this in spite of you

3 Responses to “I am in your lungs”

  1. hey there Says:

    Their new record, though more secular is quite good. Slightly more postpunk and quite a bit more cathartic than their older stuff. You might like “Walk Away,” “A Dream,” or “Reborn.” I wouldn’t be surprised if they return to more spiritual material in the future, as the new album feels very much like it is (and is about) getting something out of one’s system in hopes of moving on.

  2. Rob Says:

    I don’t doubt the new album’s good. Their whole apostasy issue is rather depressing, though.

  3. GhostontheNet Says:

    I’m not entirely sure whether they have in fact apostisized anymore, and it may be best to sit this one out and wait and see. Still, dubbing the motion of the world to be the blind watchmaker’s semaphore (that is, the langauge of flags at sea) where formerly it was in this very song that God is the sustainer of all things. I still have a shadow of a doubt that they may never again emerge with any spiritual songs, having abandoned Christianity and had the pain of the process become the inspiration for the album, hence their “shedding of old views” they speak of on the front page.

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