What a beautiful face

June 7, 2006

I finished The Face of New Testament Studies today. I continue to feel overwhelmed with the tremendous number of different disciplines and studies in which one could easily engross himself for a decade. So many different areas of study, and only one lifetime!

As I was reading, I realized that I'm not that huge of a fan of Luke-Acts particularly, or about the synoptics to a large measure. However, I find myself attracted much to Pauline studies (gee, along with about a billion others – I should be original and pursue Jude studies). I also enjoy Hebrews very much. Klaus Scholtissek (sounds like a restaurant around here) wrote a fantastic survey of recent Johannine scholarship, and I enjoyed it a lot. Grant Osborne's essay on Revelation was also enlightening, and even a bit challenging toward my pre-A.D. 70 dating of Revelation (largely due to my preterist interpretation). Anyway, that chapter was immensely confusing as well, because there are about as many outlines of Revelation as there are symbols in the Japanese language.

So, thank you, Ron, for the recommendation. I shall move on to I. Howard Marshall's New Testament Theology and finish that where I left off. 

One Response to “What a beautiful face”

  1. Ron Says:

    I have always told DDW that the pre-70 dating of Revelation is poorly thought out.

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