June 14, 2006

At the christian bookstore today, I found ths gem:

evangelical parallel

I saw it and I knew I just had to have it (my attitude toward women – I jest, I jest). I think I realized a little late that it was only the NT, but I think it is still worth the 40 bucks I paid for it. The volume also features excellent introductory essays on translation theory by Strauss and textual basis for translation by Wallace. I think I’ll enjoy myself with this one.

I think it’s ironic though, especially with the discussions going on at Byron’s and Kyle’s, that the volume should be so titled. What makes this parallel New Testament “evangelical?”

2 Responses to “Goldmine”

  1. Kyle Says:

    Hm. Color me cynical, but what’s the point of a parallel in which all the translations shared the same doctrinal biases?

    Al Mohler once said that the KJV was translated by a “bunch of anglicans who probably weren’t saved anyway.”


  2. Rob Says:

    Well, I’ll color you and say you’re being a bit hasty. I think there’s plenty that can be gained from it. Each translation has a different balance of formal and functional equivalence translation, so it’s interesting to get the variety of expression between the most literal in the volume (NKJV) to the most, well, anyway (The Message).

    As to the doctrinal biases, I can’t say I know the doctrinal biases of all the translation committees, but I do know that they are all evangelical! Just kidding. I do know that the NIV had a multi-denominational translation staff, so that’s at least one where the biases aren’t coming to the fore as much. As for the rest, can’t say I know.

    And I’ll have you know that Paul, the second Moses, received the KJV from Christ at Damascus.


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