Have You Seen an Ipod?

June 14, 2006

Gah. Today I lent my ipod to a friend and it disappeared from his bag. I’m not sure if he misplaced it or if a camper stole it. Fairly depressing. That’s 300 bucks right there, about 70% of a paycheck. I’m not sure if I should let my friend pay for it or not. Ah well.

I have great news, though. Today I saw a girl at camp reading a chick tract (ewwwww). I asked her if she understood it, and she said no. From there I shared the gospel as best as I could, and she placed her faith in Christ. I purchased a bible for her tonight. I hope her faith was genuine (seems too easy), and that she will read her bible. Man, it’s a great feeling to finally be used of God. Praise Christ!


2 Responses to “Have You Seen an Ipod?”

  1. Kyle Says:

    Mine was nicked my third week in Britain. If I’d have clipped a Chick Tract to it, it would have served the bugger right.

    Good news about the girl; dare I ask just what you told her about jesus? 😉

  2. Rob Says:

    Well, it was difficult. I had a lot of thoughts going through my head, so much to say. I think I hit the basics. Because of our sin, death was introduced into the world, and God came to take our place on the cross and pay for our sins, and rose from the dead. One day in the resurrection, if you place your faith in Christ, you’ll be raised with a body like his. I don’t do a lot of personal evangelism, so I’m pretty new at this, especially when I’m breaking away from fundamentalism.

    What could I have done better? Anyway, I got the girl a bible. I just need to find a lady who can disciple her – I fear that after camp she’ll just go back to public school and that’ll be that.

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