I am a loser

July 1, 2006

Why? Because I had a dream about N.T. Wright. Well, not exactly. It was actually N.T. Wright’s house.

It was really weird. We were taking this tour of N.T. Wright’s house in Durham (it was like a mansion, not really a castle.) And we had a baby with us and his wife signed the baby’s head or something.

But the best part of the house was this really huge dark room, and a DDR-like machine in the middle with a big screen, if I recall correctly. Yes, Dance Dance Revolution, or something similar (might be the one with the five arrows) in N.T. Wright’s house. It was freaking awesome.

Unfortunately we never saw Wright, but, you know, that’s life. However, I did witness the fusion of the two greatest things ever: N.T. Wright and Dance Dance Revolution.

Wright + ddr =

I need a life.

10 Responses to “I am a loser”

  1. Senora Happy Says:

    Maybe the dream has something to do with attempting to dance over to seats adjacent to your favorite English teacher . . . That autographing the baby’s head thing–that’s enigmatic. (The whole weird dream thing really probably has more to do with eating baseball food and less to do with your being a loser.)

  2. Rob Says:

    That’s a distinct possibility. Could it be the *7 dollar* chicken fingers? What a rip off.

  3. Reminds me of songs by the Bauhaus, lol. Not like you can really control your dreams.

  4. Rob Says:

    That’s true, but it shows what I’ve been feeding my mind (though I haven’t played DDR in a while).

  5. Kyle Says:

    Amazing. I thought I was the only one. Haa!

  6. Mike Says:

    You have just become my hero.

  7. Barbara A. Telleria Says:

    I have not checked this site in a while. This post certainly gave me a chuckly, I tell ya.

  8. Barbara A. Telleria Says:

    Oops. “Chuckle.”

  9. Steven Carr Says:

    The Bishop of Durham does not live in Durham.

    I live in Durham, but he lives in Bishop Auckland. (There is a reason why the name of the town has Bishop in it)

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