Celsus on Christian beliefs

July 8, 2006

“Now, if the Christians worshiped only one God they might have reason on their side. But as a matter of fact they worship a man who appeared only recently. They do not consider what they are doing a breach of monotheism; rather, they think it perfectly consistent to worship the great God and to worship his servant as God. And their worship of this Jesus is the more outrageous because they refuse to listen to any talk about God, the father of all, unless it includes some reference to Jesus: Tell them that Jesus, the author of the Christian insurrection, was not his son, and they will not listen to you. And when they call him Son of God, they are not really paying homage to God, rather, they are attempting to exalt Jesus to the heights.” – Reinventing Jesus by Komoszewski, Sawyer and Wallace, pg. 197.

When I read that quote I absolutely loved it. It was such a clear and precise statement of Christian beliefs that I couldn’t let it go without commenting on it.

Celsus so clearly states the crux of the Christian faith: God has definitively revealed himself in Jesus Christ. No longer can we speak of the father of all without any mention of Jesus; in fact, it is difficult to find many places were even Paul does this.

Now that Christ has given us the new identification of God in the baptism formula (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), there is no going back. We know the Father as the father of Jesus and of us, and we know Jesus as his Son and as our Redeemer, and we know the Spirit as the gift of the Father and Son to us.

So yes, when we call Jesus the Son of God, we are paying homage to God, and yes, we are exalting Jesus to the heights.

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