Cha Ching

July 11, 2006

So, today my grandma tells me that she and my mom have a present for me. I’m hoping that it’ll be Death Note volume 7, since volume 6 arrived way earlier than Amazon told me. However, I was actually surprised with a credit card. Yes, folks, I am now in posession of the dispenser of deadly debt. Watch out, Amazon!

Actually, I’ll probably only use the card for online purchases.

Today was also a monumental day because I drove in the rain for the first time. And I couldn’t figure out how to turn on the windshield wipers. Sigh.

God bless you all, and say a prayer for me if you can.

One Response to “Cha Ching”

  1. Woah, I seriously hope that is something like a Visa Check card and doesn’t actually extend you a line of credit (which is a common point of difficulty for high school and college students).

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