What is it about ‘Classics?’

July 19, 2006

Well? I’ve been hearing from some people that Classics is a good undergrad major before jumping into the wide world of biblical studies. Why is this? And why isn’t it better just to get an undergrad in religious studies or a B.A. in Bible or something like that?


5 Responses to “What is it about ‘Classics?’”

  1. Kyle Says:

    Because it would make a good portion of your graduate studies redundant. But you would still have to do them anyway. An undergrad in such things would be like the “light version,” and who wants a 4 year introductory degree?

    Might also have something to do with the subject matter; mature audiences only. :0)

  2. Ron Says:

    Classics is a good major because it introduces you to Greek and Latin, both of which you need in Biblical Studies if you plan on doing more than a simple MDiv. Undergrad Bible or Theology can be slim pickings in terms of what you learn. I had one good prof in my undergrad for Theology, and that was it. Classics is definitely a good way to go.

    Then again, I am a bit biased since I did a major in Classics, yet I do have a PhD now in Biblical Studies.

  3. Because it gives you the familiarity with ancient languages and ancient literature that will give your Biblical studies the advantage of their historical context, at least as relates to the Hellenistic front.

  4. Michael Bird Says:

    Do a major in classics but make sure you take subjects in Graeco-Roman history, ANE history, ancient languages (Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Aramaic) and learn modern German! Classics will expose you to the texts and languages of the ancient world and give you a better knowledge of the world of the NT than many seminary professors have themselves.

  5. Rob Says:

    That really sounds like a crazy amount of work, MIke. 🙂 But thank you all for the information.

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