My Departure is at Hand

July 22, 2006

And yes, at hand in the preterist sense, not in the “maybe 2000 years” sense.

I’ll be leaving for NY in just a few hours with a few kids from my youth group and my former youth pastor. We’re going to be helping out some churches up there. We’ll be doing a variety of service activities, but I suppose the most frightening of them all is…

Teaching Vacation Bible School to kids.

Yes, fear. I don’t think I teach kids very well. Especially when I have to act all happy and giddy and like we’re sailing or something. Oh well. I just hope I do well and that I am a blessing to the brethren up north.

So see you guys in a week!

3 Responses to “My Departure is at Hand”

  1. Senora Happy Says:

    You’ll be fine. Never let them smell the fear on you though–it’ll be chaos!

    Oh, and Hawaii is as beautiful as ever

  2. brandalf85 Says:

    I taught AWANA, it was fun. You better do me proud Robnerdo, savvy? Cya Preterist, have fun!

  3. sc_q_jayce Says:

    Why do you have to act? Just be happy and giddy. That’s what I do. Never have to act in front of them; besides, kids are smart. They know when you’re faking it. 😀

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