Puppet Party

July 31, 2006

Okay, so more about these puppets in New York. Some of the fun I had was actually backstage. My friend is apparently very sensitive around the back of his neck, so while he was puppeteering (or whatever it’s called), I would get my puppet and start biting his neck with it. He would then cringe and of course his puppet on stage would be affected, though not much. Fun times.

The most hilarious bits, though, occured the days that I wasn’t puppeteering. Apparently one of the puppeteers, a local of the church, thought that it would be funny to stick the puppet’s hand in his mouth for the entire show. He says he did it on purpose – I’m not sure. But it was freaking hysterical. The thing had his hand in his mouth the whole time, even when the voice on the tape was screaming.

The other time was when Debbie, the black puppet with long black spaghetti hair, had her hair undone by on the girls. By the time she was on stage, her hair was all over the place, sometimes in her mouth, sometimes covering her entire face. Funny stuff.

puppets 3

The blue one is Billy, whom I affectionately called the Emo. He just looks dopy. Anyway, I was often Billy.
puppets 2

The person to the left is, erm, Grandpa. Or Mom. It was actually the adrogynous puppet – it changed genders to fit the needs of the script. Such is life. You can also see some of Debbie’s hair troubles creeping up on her.

puppets 1

Debbie’s got a mouthful of spaghetti.

One Response to “Puppet Party”

  1. brandalf85 Says:

    LOL of course you’re the dumb looking one Rob, what else would ya be? 😉 Jk Roberto you know I love ya….in a very Christian sense….n00b

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