Not Land but New Life

August 1, 2006

Just read an article at American Vision. Here’s an excerpt:

These are theologically revolutionary words. The gospel turned enemies into brothers and sisters in Christ. Jews, once hostile to the gospel, embraced its message at Pentecost and took it with them when they returned to their homes in the Roman empire-commonwealth (oikoumene). Rome eventually fell and its inhabitants embraced the gospel. Pagan nation states repudiated their gods and bowed the knee to Jesus Christ. Why do we think it can’t be done today in the Middle East? The end timers want things to go from bad to worse in order to confirm their absurd, unbiblical, and dangerous eschatology.

Instead of preaching an end-time gospel of fear and inevitable judgment, the church of Jesus Christ should be calling all sides to lay down their arms and embrace the gospel. Instead of preaching about land, they should be preaching about new life.”


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