Seven Songs

August 4, 2006

Since Kyle so graciously tagged me, I will indulge you all with the seven songs that I’m enjoying right now. Isn’t that nice of me? 😉 I haven’t really been listening to much music lately, but I’ll put some stuff down.

  1. “Crown Him with Many Crowns” – Glad
  2. “King Without a Crown” – Matisyahu
  3. “Exaltation” – Matisyahu
  4. “The Projectionist” – ThouShaltNot
  5. “Inside of You, In Spite of You” – ThouShaltNot
  6. “Rise” – Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex volume 1
  7. Session 4 from the Auburn Avenue Pastors Conference – N.T. Wright (Hey, Wright is music to my ears 🙂 )

I now tag Mike, Mike, Brandon and Matt.

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