Welcome, Mike!

August 4, 2006

Since I am introducing a new admin to my blog, Mike from GhostontheNet’s Haunt, I thought it appropriate to put to use Mike Bird’s excellent interview format. So thanks, Mike.

“Who are you?”

I appear to be a human, that is to say I am an extraordinarily complex, adaptable creature with the mind to use very diverse things within the environment and a basic body adaptable enough to handle and manipulate many of these objects, a being created by God with the entension of his creative powers to be the tipping point in preserving and ordering that creation. More specifically, my name’s Mike, but on the ‘Net I go by the handle of GhostontheNet. I’m one of those goths, a subculture at present built around listening to post-punk music which lost the outbursts of angry energy in punk music and instead started sounding like dancing ghosts moaning over stepping on each other’s toes (Gothic, Darkwave, etc.), and also music which sounds like angry Belgians having a fight with a washing machine (Industrial, EBM). Likewise, because I am also a definite Christian, and not a satanist, Wiccan, or atheist, I tend to think a good deal on topics of corrosion and corruption, good and evil,
sorrow, pain, and suffering, and also upon all the eternal things, beauty, love, peace, hope, and ultimate joy – it is my hope to be among other things something of a “theologian of corrosion” who elaborates upon these things. I also have a definite interest in topics like the intellectual underpinnings and implications of faith, giving me a definite interest in many fields of knowledge, including history, philosophy, natural and social sciences, ethics, world religions, etc.

“How long have you known Rob?”I have known Rob for very close to a year. I was on the Theology Web paltalk room after an extended break from Theology Web, and he recognized me from my old orthodox preterist piece on DeeDeeWarren’s site ( http://www.preteristsite.com ). We both had a definite affinity for New Testament scholars like N.T. Wright and Ben Witherington, and also for topics like historical Jesus (I tend to prefer Christ’s Hebrew name Yeshua) studies and New Testament scholarship in general. We have since majorly hit off on a number of things, and are major friends although we have never personally met each other.

What is your favorite part of Scripture?

“My favorite part of scripture is the last 3 chapters of Revelation, and passages on the resurrection of the dead and final judgment in general. Here you have the point where history is brought to its full telos (end, purpose, accomplishment, completion) wherin believers are brought to a reconcilatory justice where God’s spirit “posesses” believers and they live in a happy, just, and fully reconciled society living as God wanted the first man to live. So too, non-believers get their universe where they live forever and God never interferes with anything in their lives whatsoever, regardless of how they dehumanize themselves and each other in the process.

“How do you plan on contributing to this blog?”

It’s my hope to contribute my sporadic bits of thought upon the topics of interest I named above as relates to Theology.

Everyone say hi!


4 Responses to “Welcome, Mike!”

  1. Web Says:

    I appreciate your blog. 😉

  2. Thank you, you should check out any albums you like the description of. I am curious why your website is a German online casino though.

  3. Rob Says:

    Rofl, indeed.

  4. I dunno, maybe he really is German. In that case, he’s probably lucky enough to still find Industrial, Gothic, and Electronic albums on the shelves.

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