Spoiled Again

August 16, 2006

death note movie poster

I was looking up info to see whether the Death Note movie would be coming to the US, and once again I read a gigantic spoiler in a comment on a blog, I think. I am so frustrated. I can’t believe I let this happen twice. Why must such a fantastic series be so ruined! I guess it’s horrible to know the person dies. At least I don’t know under what circumstances, right?

I also got Death Note volume seven in the mail today. And I’m done with it. My girlfriend has it now. Hope she enjoys it.

Anyway, all of you who haven’t read Death Note yet, stop reading this and go buy it now. Yes, now. Even if you are not a fan of manga or comics, it is a very thought-provoking and well written tale, with a number of twist and turns to keep you twisting in your seat and turning those pages.

And if you read it, I’ll have someone with whom I can discuss it!


2 Responses to “Spoiled Again”

  1. Andy Says:

    Rob, did you just pass on the spoiler? *glare*

  2. Rob Says:

    No no no. You have no idea of whom I speak, silly.

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