Land Dispute

September 20, 2006

land dispute

I bought ThouShaltNot’s latest album last night, and I’m absolutely addicted. It has a lot more guitar and drum presence than their immediately prior album, The White Beyond, I think, and it works. ThouShaltNot is my favorite contemporary band, so check them out on Itunes if you can. And if you know me just ask me and I’ll let you hear my ipod.

I wonder how many weeks it’ll take before I stop listening to this. I know I couldn’t stop listening to The White Beyond for a while.

Here are the lyrics for one of the catchiest songs, React:

My reaction, my response
I’m a function in need of x
Ask me questions and I reply
I’m never first but I’m always next
And we stare in our eyes
Never blinking and going dry
Do you care more than I
Who will get the last word?
And if we trace back the time
Who began with the first line?
In any case it’s not mine
Because these days I can only react

I’ll never speak without your lead
And I’m your shadow; I react
I’ll be the gear between your teeth
When you’re spinning, I react
You are the neutron at lightspeed
Spring me open, I react
But can I find the zero point I need?
Can I change it all and then take it back?

It’s so easy to shrink an inch
Or is this room growing even more?
And it’s so easy to light a match
When you’ve been burned once or twice before
And when I swing blind in rage
I’m in search of the first page
And when I sing from the stage
Who will get the last word?
You’re the one who creates
All to which I retaliate
But can I ever navigate
Another path than to react?

I’ll find where aggression hides away
Where my own two hands hold sway
It’s a bright and beautiful new day
I will act, I will act
Your reaction, your relapse
Out of love will grow collapse
Something somewhere finally snaps
And I will act, I will act





4 Responses to “Land Dispute”

  1. erika Says:

    hey roberto,
    i hope to hear the cd one day when im down.

  2. The seminary of sedition can clearly settle this “Land Dispute” in their hit single “Manifest Destiny.” It goes a little something like this — “DATS MUH LAND!” *thrash* *squeal* *pound* *wail*…

  3. erika Says:

    i really liked the songs i heard a lot. thanks for letting me hear it. it was awesome!

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