UNC and some other things

September 21, 2006

I’ll be visiting the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in a few days. Hopefully by the time I get there I will have started on my application essays. Gah.

Lately I haven’t been feeling like going away for college. I’ve become extremely infatuated with high school and I just wish senior year would last longer.

I’ve also been very, well, nervous, I guess, lately. Jumpy, hyper, excited, thinking, restless. Whatever you want to call it. So if you see me pretending I’m playing DDR in the lunch line, don’t worry – I haven’t completely lost it.

3 Responses to “UNC and some other things”

  1. erika Says:

    i hope you enjoy visiting the university. take plenty of pictures. i want to see what the university looks like. hope you have fun!
    if you dont want to leave you can always come to CCC. 😉 lol

    -that thing about not wanting senior year to end happens to some people so you are not alone. just cherish each moment you have with your class and the teachers because when you are gone you will miss it all a lot.

    well im glad that you are enjoying senior year. 🙂

  2. -mike- Says:

    UNC! I love North Carolina… you should do it.


  3. Mike Morrell Says:

    Hi Rob, our mutual bud Mike Noakes pointed me in the direction of your ‘blog. And not a moment too late! Seeing as my intentional house church community is in the Raleighesque neck of the woods, if you’d want to drop by the ole apartment complex you’d be welcome to. We have many similar Jesus-fied interests (as you can see)…

    Anyway, if not this time, maybe next. But feel free to drop me an email.

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