The delayed mini-mEmE

September 23, 2006

Byron of the fantastic Nothing New Under the Sun has tagged me, so here I go. While reading this, please pretend I am cultured.

1. A Piece of Art that you Love

christ eleemon mosaic

I’m particularly fond of the Christ Eleemon Mosaic because I was first introduced to it while reading N.T. Wright’s Jesus and the Victory of God, a book which, according Ben Myers’s book meme, changed many people ideas about Jesus and history.

I also luckily was able to find a sweater with this exact mosaic on it. Under the picture it reads, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Gorgeous, eh?

2. A Line in a Song or Line of Poetry that Reaches Your Core

I listen to a ton of music, but unfortunately don’t know much poetry, so here’s a bit I like:

You were born into the world a situational Pariah
Spoke in tongues, misunderstood like some unrecognized Messiah
At the bottom of the sea, I was bathed in your forgiveness
Now the world has split in three, leaving me your only witness
Is there proof you ever lived? Is there something more transcendent?
Will these moments die with me? Are they no so independent?
Could a child in five hundred years be given recollection
Of your smile, of your eyes through divinest intervention?

From ThouShaltNot’s The White Beyond

3. An Experience in Nature that was Really Special and/or Spiritual

I love the ocean, so anytime I get to be on a sea glistening with intense sunglight, I’m happy.

4. The Movie that Changed the Way you saw the World.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve encountered a film that’s done this to me.

5. A Piece of Music That Makes You Cry

I was rehearsing O Sacred Head Now Wounded with my high school choir. This wonderful work has been repeated endlessly in my head after practicing it so much. Well, on our last rehearsal I felt very emotional. So yeah, no crying. But emotion is good, right?

I tag people whom I hope are more cultured than I: JMac, Mike the Mexican, Kyle the Potter, Matt Lemieux, Will Gray, and Krystal, if she ever starts blogging (yes, that’s a hint!).


3 Responses to “The delayed mini-mEmE”

  1. Byron Says:

    Thanks Rob for these responses. I love O Sacred Head.

  2. Matt Says:

    Alrighty, You’ve got your meme… 🙂

  3. Laverne Says:

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