Update on my mom

September 24, 2006

My mom was able to leave the hospital last night. They think the pain is muscular (not sure if I’m convinced). I mean, do you give morphine to people with muscular aches? Eh, whatever. Thank you all for your prayers, and may God bless you for them.


7 Responses to “Update on my mom”

  1. erika Says:

    im glad to hear your mom was able to get out of the hospital. i hope they find out what the pain is.


  2. Kyle Says:

    Well, I know I’d ask for some…

    I saw someone yesterday with a T-shirt that said

    Made in the USA (with Cuban parts)

    I thought of you. :0)

  3. Byron Says:

    Good to hear your mother’s out of hospital.

  4. Senora Happy Says:

    I had meant to ask you about her today. Good job this afternoon, by the way. Looking forward to more of the same in the future. You’re just a blessing!

  5. -mike- Says:

    Good. I’m happy to hear that.

  6. erika Says:

    hey roberto,
    how is your mom feeling today? she has been in my prayers. i hope she is doing better and that you are doing well.

    – Erika =D

  7. Q Says:

    Glad to hear the news is good. Sort of. I’m with you, I’d have to suspect something more than muscle pain if morphine is required!

    But the good docs don’t always figure out what’s going on. Sometimes people get better spontaneously (or with God’s intervention). I hope the problem doesn’t recur, and then who cares what the explanation was!

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