Baptize me

September 29, 2006

I really am going to get around to that series on baptism…someday.

Anyway, I wanted to refer you all to that crazy Mexican’s post on baptism. I myself was baptized three times, (once as a child in a Roman Catholic baptism, then again later when I was like, um, 8-12? and then again when I was 14-15). so I figure I have to be in the community by now.

The 8-12 year old baptism was one brought about by my church’s teaching that baptism occurs after “getting saved”. As the semi-pelagian catechism puts it:

Q: What is baptism?
A: Baptism is the act whereby, by the performance of something that seems quite silly in front of everyone, I prove that I really, really mean it.

So yeah, basically a believer’s or credo baptism that follows profession of faith in Christ.

After going through a period of intense doubting and even professing agnosticism/atheism, I eventually returned to my Christian roots and got “really saved.” I don’t really know what was genuine, but the most change and consistent Christian living has occurred after that 14/15 year old conversion. I was then baptized about a month afterwards.

I’ve read some different ideas about baptism these days, and I could see myself moving in a paedo-baptist direction in the future. Even my reading of pivotal passages like Romans 6 has changed. I’m not dogmatic about such things. I typically say, “If you profess faith in Christ, get baptized as soon as possible.” A stricter stance than that will have to come with much thoughtful and prayerful study.

That’s all I have to say for now. Have a blessed weekend, everyone!


5 Responses to “Baptize me”

  1. -mike- Says:

    Thanks for the link. I thought I should start my own mini-series on it all…

    Hmm, maybe tomorrow.

  2. -mike- Says:

    “If you profess faith in Christ, get baptized as soon as possible.”

    Hmmm… Catechism, buddy… it’s our friend.

  3. Senora Happy Says:

    So I know the topic was Baptism, but I enjoyed reading how you got “really saved.” You’re just a blessing!

  4. Rob Says:

    You know, if you said that in person I’d probably think you’re being facetious, but I appreciate getting these occasional compliments from you. 😉 Thanks!

  5. Kyle Says:

    For people who insist that it doesn’t do anything, Baptist sure seem to have an odd fetish about doing it to people as many times as possible…

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