While perusing a family christian bookstore catalogue, I noticed this beauty listed in its pages: Judas and the Gospel of Jesus. Can you believe it? Something of, well, substance* in a christian bookstore! I’m telling ya, the end is near.

*Yes, I realize that there is some good stuff in the bookstore, but the best selling stuff and most advertised is the self-help and the silly end-times nonsense. I rarely buy books from the Christian bookstore near me – Amazon is much better stocked with the kind of theological and biblical stuff I want. Oh well.


my desk

Compared to the desk that facilitates weirdness, I think that mine (almost completely untouched for the picture!) clearly comes out on top.

I will survive

October 18, 2006

Well, at least I hope. AP homework, college applications and the internet make Rob a procrasinating boy! I’ll be posting some George Herbert poetry soon, and also an answer to a meme some crazy Mexican tagged me for. Stay tuned. (By ‘stay tuned’ I mean update my blog about every half hour to see if there is new content. This will help my hit count.)

My new camera

October 15, 2006

my camera

my camera back

Stop lusting.

Death Note in color!

October 12, 2006

L upside down

This post is sort of a miscategorization, since it’s not exactly about reading, but that’s okay. This is my blog. I can do these kinds of things.

Death Note, the manga I’ve mentioned multiple times on here, has now been made into an anime. Unfortunately, it is only out in Japan, and the only way to get it is to download it. And since I try to follow copyright laws (even international ones), I can’t download it without those silly pangs of guilt. How long shall I have to wait to indulge in the Death Note goodness?

Well, there is some bright light at the end of this tunnel. Volume 8 will be released November 7th.

Until the anime (and live-action movie!) are released in the States, watch the excellent opening video.

If any of you know me, you will know that I have some pacifist leanings. And I care about the environment! I know, dangerous combination. Anyway, I think that Kim Fabricus is making some persuasive points at Faith and Theology in his marvelous style – I encourage you all to read the postscript and the discussion if you find the former stimulating.

 Propositions on Peace and War: a postscript

I revoke my former comment about standardized tests being of satanic origin and praise God for the 28 I got on my ACT. I thought I bombed this thing like North Korea, but I actually did very well. Hopefully next time I’ll be able to improve my math score and break 30.

The interesting part about this is that with this score on my ACT I can actually get a full scholarship from Florida Bright Futures. For those of you who say “Oh that’s nice”, let me explain: it means that I can attend any university in Florida that takes it and have Bright Futures pay 100%. It’s tempting, let me tell ya.¬† FSU? Mayhaps. I still have to see what UNC will offer me.