November 9, 2006

I’m writing this entry from a car somewhere in South Carolina, I think. I just left a leadership conference at the Wilds in North Carolina around 6:30 today. I enjoyed my time there much more than I enjoy the regular summer camp; much more free time and fewer people. Kids from a school not too far from mine also went up there and I got to know some of the as well. My friend put it humorously: “We came up to North Carolina to meet people who live in our city.” Or something like that. Oh well.

 Before we arrived at the Wilds, we made a quick stop at Bob Jones University (I can hear some of you gasping already). It was my third time there, and I spent some time in their bookstore, which really isn’t half-bad. I got myself Craig Blomberg’s Jesus and the Gospels. It’s supposed to be an introductory level textbook to gospel studies. I’m excited about learning more about the various forms of criticisms.

I have a silly amount of homework to do. I really should get to it. I really should.

Anyway, for those of you who regularly read my blog but haven’t in a while ’cause I haven’t a) posted in a while or b) posted anything of worth – repent!

God bless and expect some more posting.

2 Responses to “Leadership?”

  1. Senora Happy Says:

    Posting–homework–posting–homework–hmmmm. We missed you all (or y’all). I’m very glad you had a good time, and that BJU’s bookstore was worth perusing–no art gallery visit? Hasta manana.

  2. erika Says:

    hey roberto,
    im glad you had a good time.


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