A nice surprise

November 16, 2006

After a long and tiring day, I checked my myspace (yes, the great evil) messages and foudn that a member of one of my favorite bands had left me a note. Happy days!

In other news, yearbook has been an increasingly present and enjoyable hobby/burden. It has its pros and cons, like all else in life. I’m hoping to get in on Saturday with the other editor and get some serious work and editing done. We can only hope.

Since I am the copy editor my biggest project is the opening copy. I have nearly completed it, but I’m having problems. I have two strands that I like, but I can’t find how to join them and make the paper seem like one beautiful whole. Keep that in your prayers if you can.

Hope you’re all well. God bless and take care!

2 Responses to “A nice surprise”

  1. erika Says:

    that’s so awesome the thing with thou shalt not that is. well I hope everything you have to do for the yearbook gets done and that it comes out awesome. im sure it will come out great. anyway ill keep you in my prayers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    -Erika ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sandra Says:

    Hey Roberto! Just dropping in to say hi! I remember those glorious yearbook memories. I hope all works out with that and it doesn’t become to stressful! Have a great week. see ya!

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