Distortation or Fabrication

November 24, 2006

I read this this morning and thought of how similar it was to Kyle’s post yeseterday.

“Before Paul will even come to a report of his specific prayers, he establishes what is after all the appropriate context for all Christian prayer, reflection and exhortation: the worship and adoration of the God who has lavished his love upon us.
Who is this God, then? Why is he to be worshiped and adored in his way?
Paul’s answer, which he never gets tired of repeating and which we should never take for granted as we hear it, is that the true God, who deserves and should receive our glad worship, is the father of the Lord Jesus, the king, the Messiah. He is not the same as the gods and goddesses of the pagan world. He isn’t just a divine force, a vague influence or energy loosely known as ‘the sacred.’ He is the God who made the world, and who has now made himself known in and through Jesus. As far as Paul is concerned, any picture of God which doesn’t now have Jesus in the middle of it is a distortation or a downright fabrication. “

– “Paul for Everyone: The Prison Letters” by Tom Wright

Speaking of fabrications, Kim Fabricus just does not stop with his insightful and erudite posting in Ten propositions on being human. Here are some snapshots:

“Gifts of God to the world, we live like we are God’s gift to the world. We act like we are self-caused, self-made, independent, indispensable, as though our non-existence were inconceivable. We act, in other words, like God. And in acting like God we act against God. We sin.”

“To be human is to be self-contradictory. Sin is a surd, or, as Barth said, an impossible possibility. That is why we cannot fit sin into any system: it is inherently inexplicable, irrational – it doesn’t compute. To be human is also to be self-contradictory in the sense that in acting against God, we act against ourselves: we are self-destructive – we are always pushing our delete key.”

(I’ll be pleased if anyone can tell me what distortion I’ve included in this post, since I made the fabrication fairly clear).

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