Graduation approacheth…

May 13, 2007

It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging for over an entire year. I can remember my first post and how, well, silly I sounded. Haha. I’ll probably say the same thing next year, and the year after.

But this month is definitely monumental for me: I become a high school graduate May 24th. As I walk across the platform and receive the <strike>death note</strike> diploma, my life will change forever. I’ll be attending Florida State in August, attempting a double major in English Literature and Classics with an emphasis on Greek and Latin.

In the meanwhile, I have been seeking a job at Barnes & Noble. I’ve applied to two of them, and also to a Borders, but I don’t really foresee that going through. The thing that truly sucks, however, was that when I went to see the manager at one of the BN’s I applied, he told me that applications usually take six months to process! I didn’t realize you had to apply in January for a job in June, but it seems to be the way businesses run these days. The manager also mentioned that they had received many applications and would begin making phone calls next week. If you all can remember to fit it in somewhere in your prayer time, please say a prayer for me. I’d really like to get this job, and I’ll be fairly bummed if I don’t.

I have learned, however, with my failed college expectations, that life doesn’t always go how you want it. =D

God bless you all!


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