I’m getting really bad at this…

May 13, 2007

blogging thing. Anyhow, about my life these days.

I’ve been reading more than usual. Upon completing my  librarything cataloguing, I decided to read all the books I own that I’m interested in and haven’t finished. Many of you can sympathize with the all too common book buying bug – buy a book, read a bit, then get another and forget the other one. Well, I’ve been doing that for some years now, so I decided it’s time to read the ones I’m interested in and maybe start getting rid of some (namely my left behind novels 😉 ).

Recently I finished Of Mice and Men and also the book I received at the theologyweb conference in December, Ekklesia: The Roots of the Biblical House Church movement. I found a lot in it to disagree with, and also things to think about. Ironically and interestingly, it has also pushed me further to consider the Early Church Fathers more seriously. I say this is ironic because my contact and friendship with certain Catholics has led to the same thing.

Speaking of Catholics, as even a cursory glance through my blogroll will indicate, I’ve had more exposure to Catholic writing and liturgy these days. Lots of things to consider in the following months for a lot of people concerning Catholicism, I think, especially with Francis Beckwith’s recent return to Rome.


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