So I am now…

May 25, 2007

a high school graduate.

The emotions sifting around inside me are dificult explain, but I’m sure you’ve all been there.  Last night was a complete blast. I think one of my favorite parts (besides receiving some fake book thing that stands as our diploma) was throwing our caps into the air as a class. There was just something about it.

I suppose my attending graduation this year is special to me in a way it isn’t for other people. If you all were to go back about a year in this blog and read one of my posts, you’d see at this time last year, I was hospitalized and couldn’t attend graduation. And if I had been blogging a year before that, I might have blogged about how I was hospitalized at this time of year, two years ago, again. So I just maginify and praise God for his giving me good health to be present with my parents, my teachers, and my friends.

Unfortunately, because I’ve never taught my mom to use my digital camera, I have no pictures until the disposable camera ones develop, haha.

So what are my plans now, you ask? Well, I’ll bombard you with them again, but since I am certain you’ve read every post here, you’ll know this already.

1) Get a job at Barnes & Noble. Still no call from them, though.

2) Read a ton

3) Write more than I’ve ever written in my life

4) Visit Florida State University

5) Visit other churches

6) Relax

Let’s hope I can get at least half accomplished


5 Responses to “So I am now…”

  1. erika Says:

    It was awesome to see you graduate last night! I thank God for keeping you healthy to be able to go and walk your graduation!! Congrats again! =D


  2. Byron Says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy #2 in particular (and #6).

  3. Michael Culbertson Says:

    If you have to choose half, make sure number 6 is in the half that you accomplish.

  4. Cipki Dupy Says:

    Congratulations! Now it’s time to relax!

  5. Yea, congrats mate!

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