My grandmother was rummaging through my old papers and found this fifth-grade assignment, written by me in a cursive handwriting I could not reproduce today.

“If I were a missionary…I would go around Florida. Miami is where I would start, because I live in Miami. Then I would go to West Palm Beach, after I would go to Tampa Bay. Later I’ll go to Disney World in Orlando. I can preach in Disney and I’ll get a vacation. Then I’ll go to Jacksonville and Tallahassee. If I was going to start a church it would be like the church I go to….”


Nobuo Uematsu claimed this was the most beautiful thing he’s ever written, and I have to say I agree. Here is an orchestral arrangement of Uematsu’s “To Zanarkand” from Final Fantasy X.

 I have finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, leaving my next reading options open. So I’ll ask you all for your help.

I’ve been doing this with a few friends so I thought I’d open it up to the people who glance at this page occasionally. I’m trying to read through all the books I own that I’m actually interested in without accumulating more everytime I walk into a bookstore (I’ve already failed at this so far this summer, but perserverance is key). So I ask you all to aid me.

My Library.

I haven’t gone through and tagged all the books I’ve already read, so if you choose one and I”ve already read it or I’m not interested in reading it, I’ll have to decline. First person to choose one not falling in the above two categories will have the privilege of saying he influenced Rob’s direction in summer reading, haha.

(By the way, no one choose ‘left behind’ – I have already read them, am not interested in reading them, and put them into my librarything solely for the sake of representing all the books I own =D)

Thanks a bunch!

The Postal Service

June 29, 2007

I’ve recently discovered this group called The Postal Service. I recommend The District Sleeps Alone Tonight if you’re all inclined to give them a listen. Cool electronic sound with some nice vocals and thoughtful lyrics.

The Tower We Built

June 27, 2007

If I were Edward from the Chronicles of Narnia, and the Witch were to tempt me with anything, it might just be Netflix. At the moment I’ve spent the summer indulging in books and movies (what more can you ask for?). Last night I watched Babel and the night before I saw An Inconvenient Truth at a rather inconvenient time of night. Both were illuminating and enjoyable.  An excellent review of Babel can be found at The Fire and the Rose.

As far as reading, I am still finishing up the latest Harry Potter. After that I will be working my way through Scaling the Secular City. Though it is not the most riveting read, I’m interested in hearing J.P. Moreland’s case for substance dualism after reading a challenging essay in Harry Potter and Philosophy concerning neurobiology’s attacks on such dualism.

out of the closet meme

June 26, 2007

I can just imagine the interesting hits I’m going to get from that title alone.

Anyway, before I come out of the theological (or otherwise) closet, I will say I am out of the hospital. Thanks for your prayers. I came upon this meme at Ben Myers’s fantastic blog. With that, I give you my confessions:

I confess I cannot stand most Christian Contemporary Music

I confess I used to be an expert in Left Behind, fluent in both the young adult and adult novels

I confess I considered burning my Harry Potter books at one point in my life

I confess that I think N.T. Wright’s voice is soothing

I confess I think N.T. Wright is one of the best things to happen in a long time

I confess I enjoy the Roman Catholic liturgy, though occasionally I feel quite confused at what to do and when

I confess that when I could not find my parents, I feared the rapture had occurred

I confess that literature, theology and biblical studies consistently fight for first place in my life

I confess that as much as I enjoy Dvorak or Bach, few things pump me up as much as Japanese Rock.

Okay, I tag Matt, Mike, Byron, and Kyle.

So I’ve recently become obsessed with Harry Potter. I began re-reading the novels in anticipation of the movie release of book 5 and the arrival the final book in the series. I love them all. I’ve also been reading “Harry Potter and Philosophy: If Aristotle Ran Hogwarts.” Surprisingly, some of the essays are very sympathetic to Christian theism, and one very blatanly so. Regardless, it’s tons of good fun learning philosophy and seeing some of the things Rowling has weaved into her tale.

What gives me all this reading time? Well, I’m jobless, and I’m currently in the hospital. The reasons are the same as always: hemoptysis. I hope to be out by Tuesday.

Hope you’re all well.