Home again

July 7, 2007

Hey everyone,

The procedure went off without a hitch. I’m back home with a limp and a fever, but otherwise I’m all right. My leg should be back to normal soon enough and I hope the fever gets going too. If those abnormal vessels were the cause of bleeding, then I should have no further problems because they were sealed during the procedure.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayer.


Procedure tomorrow

July 5, 2007

Hey everyone,

Tomorrow I’ll be undergoing a cardiac catheterization. For those of you familiar with it, you know there is some small percentage of risk that goes with the procedure. I’d appreciate your prayers for my safety during the surgery, and also your prayers for the procedure’s efficacy: I’m told sometimes it help stop bleeding, and sometimes it makes no difference, or can even make it worse. I wouldn’t want to undergo risk and then have my condition worsen.

Thank you all for your care and concern. God bless!

If I were David, I would write a psalm right now about how I understand why God is allowing me to go back in the hospital two weeks after I got out and when I have so much planned and coming up in what looks like an exciting July.

In the meanwhile I will try not to think I know more about what’s best for me, and just pray.

I’d appreciate your prayers as well.

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I wonder if after reading this you’ll all think I’m a fundamentalist or something for asking the question, but I’ll ask anyhow.

Since the acquisition of Netflix (the most amazing thing in the universe) I’ve been engaging in a lot of movie watching. Usually I try to see movies that are good pieces of filmmaking that leave me with plenty of things to think about later, like Babel or The Last King of Scotland and so on. Sometimes, however, a lot of things I’d rather not be seeing are introduced in the film; occasionally they actually pertain to the plot, but most of the time I consider them completely unnecessary exaggerations of nudity of violence.

I remember David’s statement in Psalms 101:3, saying he will set no wicked thing before his eyes. I wonder if we should take the same stance, forfeiting some truly remarkable art in some movies because they include unncessary displays of sexuality of violence. And if we don’t take that stance, why shouldn’t we? Is it something we just have to deal with in a fallen world, cleaving to the good and abhorring the evil?

I ask because lately I’ve found myself saying, “Yeah, this was a really great movie, except it had plenty of sex and violence.” What do you all think about this, or am I just a fundamentalist for even asking?