It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging for over an entire year. I can remember my first post and how, well, silly I sounded. Haha. I’ll probably say the same thing next year, and the year after.

But this month is definitely monumental for me: I become a high school graduate May 24th. As I walk across the platform and receive the <strike>death note</strike> diploma, my life will change forever. I’ll be attending Florida State in August, attempting a double major in English Literature and Classics with an emphasis on Greek and Latin.

In the meanwhile, I have been seeking a job at Barnes & Noble. I’ve applied to two of them, and also to a Borders, but I don’t really foresee that going through. The thing that truly sucks, however, was that when I went to see the manager at one of the BN’s I applied, he told me that applications usually take six months to process! I didn’t realize you had to apply in January for a job in June, but it seems to be the way businesses run these days. The manager also mentioned that they had received many applications and would begin making phone calls next week. If you all can remember to fit it in somewhere in your prayer time, please say a prayer for me. I’d really like to get this job, and I’ll be fairly bummed if I don’t.

I have learned, however, with my failed college expectations, that life doesn’t always go how you want it. =D

God bless you all!


I will survive

October 18, 2006

Well, at least I hope. AP homework, college applications and the internet make Rob a procrasinating boy! I’ll be posting some George Herbert poetry soon, and also an answer to a meme some crazy Mexican tagged me for. Stay tuned. (By ‘stay tuned’ I mean update my blog about every half hour to see if there is new content. This will help my hit count.)

I revoke my former comment about standardized tests being of satanic origin and praise God for the 28 I got on my ACT. I thought I bombed this thing like North Korea, but I actually did very well. Hopefully next time I’ll be able to improve my math score and break 30.

The interesting part about this is that with this score on my ACT I can actually get a full scholarship from Florida Bright Futures. For those of you who say “Oh that’s nice”, let me explain: it means that I can attend any university in Florida that takes it and have Bright Futures pay 100%. It’s tempting, let me tell ya.  FSU? Mayhaps. I still have to see what UNC will offer me.

On my way back

October 8, 2006

Well folks, I’ll be leaving for my flight back to Florida soon. I enjoyed my time at UNC and I’m excited to get back home and start working on those exciting essays. I’m determined to make my application the best I can, so please keep that in your prayers. I’ll post some pictures and more details about the trip later on.

Until then, please read this thoughtful and challenging piece by Ben Witherington.

Current events

October 4, 2006

unc hat

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who’s that handsome young man? (And who is that mysterious person behind him? And why are that person’s hands like that? Find out on the next episode of The Days of Our Lives.)

On Friday morn I shall be departing to visit the University of North Carolina. My “Scholars Day” meeting is actually on Saturday, so I’ll have time on Friday and Sunday to check out the campus and the surrounding area. I also need to find a good church to visit. Anybody recommend any good Episcopal or Presbyterian churches around Chapel Hill?

To keep me entertained until Friday, I will be visiting the publishing site of the big local newspaper around here. I was nominated for Newspaper Career Day, and I got accepted. Thanks to whoever nominated me! I get to take five people: one dropped out and the other I cannot get in contact with. I feel bad about it. I should’ve gotten her number to tell her. I’m a bad person.

Today I went to the dentist. Doesn’t that totally suck? I think it does. Did you know that along with standardized testing, dentistry is also a result of the Fall? Thanks a lot, Adam.

Someone told me today that he thinks I’m going to a college outiside of God’s will.


I wish I had such easy to access to “God’s will” (not something I believe in, but perhaps that’s something for a series in the future) as he does, especially concerning what God wants for other people! Maybe he was joking. Maybe.

In other news…That crazy mexican and Lynlea are getting married. I think the universe is going to blow up. This is seriously beautiful, though. God bless you both.

I have the rest of the week off, so expect some sort of better blogging. Until then, send me tuition money!