My grandmother was rummaging through my old papers and found this fifth-grade assignment, written by me in a cursive handwriting I could not reproduce today.

“If I were a missionary…I would go around Florida. Miami is where I would start, because I live in Miami. Then I would go to West Palm Beach, after I would go to Tampa Bay. Later I’ll go to Disney World in Orlando. I can preach in Disney and I’ll get a vacation. Then I’ll go to Jacksonville and Tallahassee. If I was going to start a church it would be like the church I go to….”


Seventh Heaven

May 18, 2007

Good news! L’Arc~en~ciel releases a new music video for ‘Seventh Heaven.’ This is just one hit single that’ll be on their upcoming album which until now remains unnamed. I give you ‘Seventh Heaven’ for your viewing pleasure! (Also, don’t you think this video could double as an ipod commercial?)

blogging thing. Anyhow, about my life these days.

I’ve been reading more than usual. Upon completing my  librarything cataloguing, I decided to read all the books I own that I’m interested in and haven’t finished. Many of you can sympathize with the all too common book buying bug – buy a book, read a bit, then get another and forget the other one. Well, I’ve been doing that for some years now, so I decided it’s time to read the ones I’m interested in and maybe start getting rid of some (namely my left behind novels 😉 ).

Recently I finished Of Mice and Men and also the book I received at the theologyweb conference in December, Ekklesia: The Roots of the Biblical House Church movement. I found a lot in it to disagree with, and also things to think about. Ironically and interestingly, it has also pushed me further to consider the Early Church Fathers more seriously. I say this is ironic because my contact and friendship with certain Catholics has led to the same thing.

Speaking of Catholics, as even a cursory glance through my blogroll will indicate, I’ve had more exposure to Catholic writing and liturgy these days. Lots of things to consider in the following months for a lot of people concerning Catholicism, I think, especially with Francis Beckwith’s recent return to Rome.

Back and gone again

March 26, 2007

I’ll be away for two weeks on my senior trip. We’ll be visting NY, DC, Virginia and North Carolina. I am sure it will be memorable and loads of fun. If you could remember, please keep my health in your prayers as I’ll be without important treatments for two weeks as we travel the US.

See ya in two weeks!

While you were gone…

March 21, 2007

I’ve been up to a whole bunch of stuff. I’ll let you know some of them here:

1) College has finally, thank God, been decided. Lord willing, I shall be attending Florida State University for the fall term of 2007, double majoring in English Literature and Classics (Greek and Latin). I can’t tell you how relieved I am that all this college stuff is over with; I definitely was not prepared for the college choosing experience, and with earlier help and prepration (and also some fixing of laziness), I probably would’ve been attending elsewhere. But I’m pleased with my choice. FSU has the oldest classics program in Florida, and I’m also getting 100% coverage of tuition, and hopefully the same for room and board through some additional grants and stuff.

2) I’ve been hospitalized twice since my last blogging round. First time ws during Christmas, second just a week before my birthday. Thankfully I got out in time to celebrate my eighteenth! Here’s a pic for your viewing pleasure. yum

3) Reading, of course. I’ve been trying to read some more fiction and stuff like that, so I recently re-read and loved Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Excellent stuff, and I appreciated it a lot more this time around. Read Catcher in the Rye and some other stuff in school. Also been going through my Christianty Today’s since I got a subscription.

Right now Craig Blomberg is holding my attention with this:

jesus and the gospels

I suppose that’s all you need for now. Expect posting similar to that of before, I guess. Maybe I’ll be more creative this time around or something. =)


December 15, 2006

Well, if you haven’t noticed, I haven’t updated this thing in a while. I think my blogging days are done, at least for now. Thank you all for your reading, comments and friendship. God bless you, and I’ll be the occasional reader!

feel free to message me: acupofno(aim)

Thanks again!


November 23, 2006

From wilds leadership

Haven’t been posting very much lately, but I figured I’d tell you guys some things I’m thankful for (that is, if anyone still reads this…)

1) My health – I have been through numerous bouts with my health, and I am thankful for the long run I’ve had out of the hospital. Praise God for the ability to enjoy life, and don’t take your health for granted.

2) My family – They sacrifice much for me, and I don’t show the appreciation as much as I should.

3) My friends – You guys make life a lot more interesting

4) Bloggers – All of you guys are fantastic. Some of you do what I hope to do when I get older, and others just constantly show me differences in Christians and views in Christianity. It is a horizon-broadening experience being on the blogsphere, and I enjoy it. Thank you for your consistent, informational, witty and passionate posting. Hopefully I’ll get to meet some of you guys in person!

5) Books – Need I say more?