I just wanted to call your attention to some recent fantastic postings by the astute Asbury professor, Dr. Ben Witherington III. His comments on Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth are words of wisdom pertaining to the biblical view of how a Christian should interact with our environment.

Another one of his recent excellent posts addreses the skepticism that is so prevalent in some circles of biblical scholarship.

Perhaps the most controversial is his blogging on a new book concerning the faiths of America’s Founding Fathers, and some of the unbiblical lauding of America’s past actions. I suppose such a book would go perfectly with Greg Boyd’s latest, The Myth of a Christian Nation, which is also being spotlighted on the blogsphere (I got the link from Scot McKnight). Maybe sometime this year I’ll get around to reading these two. There are simply too many things I want to read.

So all of you go on and make your way over to that Witherington goodness.